Best Nylon Cable Tie Suppliers, Exporters in Ahmedabad

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Best Nylon Cable Tie Suppliers, Exporters in Ahmedabad

Best Nylon Cable Tie Suppliers, Exporters in Ahmedabad

Falguni Trading Corporation is the best Nylon Cable Tie suppliers, Exporters in Ahmedabad. We have been providing quality products at competitive prices to our customers last 36 years. We are dealing Nylon Cable Tie with high quality products and good customer service, we have good after sales service and provide quick response to customers. We have a strong team of professionals, who is committed to quality, customer satisfaction and timely delivery. We are one of the most trusted Nylon Cable Tie suppliers & Exporters in Ahmedabad.

We Deal with a variety of products, including:

  1. Nylon cables ties in Ahmedabad
  2. Tie mounts in Ahmedabad
  3. Marker tags in Ahmedabad
  4. Pvc sleeves in Ahmedabad
  5. Heat shrinkable sleeves in Ahmedabad
  6. Spirals in Ahmedabad
  7. Pvc ferrule in Ahmedabad
  8. Nail clips in Ahmedabad
  9. Crimping tools in Ahmedabad

What is Nylon Cable Tie?

A Nylon Cable Tie is a type of fastener that is commonly used for bundling and organizing wires, cables, and other items. It typically consists of a thin, flexible strip of nylon with serrated teeth on one end and a small ratchet mechanism on the other. The teeth are designed to grip the nylon strip and hold it securely in place, while the ratchet allows the user to tighten the tie to the desired level of tension. Nylon cable tie are often used in construction, electrical, and automotive industries, as well as in home DIY projects. They are known for their strength, durability, and ease of use.

Different Types of Nylon Cable Tie

Standard nylon cable ties: These are the most commonly used type of cable ties and are available in various lengths, widths, and colors. They are strong, durable, and suitable for bundling and organizing wires and cables.

Releasable nylon cable ties: These ties can be released and reused multiple times. They are ideal for applications where the bundle may need to be modified or adjusted.

Mountable nylon cable ties: These ties have an additional mounting hole that allows them to be attached to a surface with a screw or bolt. They are often used in automotive and electrical applications.

Identification nylon cable ties: These ties have a small tab that can be written on or labeled, making them ideal for organizing and identifying cables and wires.

Heavy-duty nylon cable ties: These ties are designed to handle heavier loads and are suitable for industrial and construction applications.

Colored nylon cable ties: These ties are available in various colors, making them useful for color-coding and organizing wires and cables

What is the price of nylon cable?

The price of Nylon Cable Tie varies depending on the length, quality and quantity. It's usually around $7 for a 50 m to 100 m long cable with a diameter of 0.51 mm.

Why Choose Falguni Trading Corporation For Buy Nylon Cable Tie?

Falguni Trading Corporation is a trusted brand in the Nylon Cable Tie suppliers industry, supplying high-quality Nylon Cable Tie to a wide range of industries. We can ensure on-time delivery and excellent customer service. We are the leading provider of Nylon Cable Tie in Ahmedabad and have been supplying the highest quality Nylon Cable Tie and other industrial electrical components for over 36 years. We provide a broad range of products in which we have expertise to deliver the best possible solutions for our customers. Falguni Trading Corporation is the ideal choice if you want quality and service.

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