Usha Martin Wires

Usha Martin’: The brand has an illustrious history of performance for the past 30 years, 'Usha Martin' brand cables have been bought by our happy & satisfied consumers all over the Gujarat State and in other state successfully supported the brand. We have grown in top leading brands category. Manufactured on state-of-art machinery to stringent quality standard, Usha Martin name has always inspired great confidence and trust. In order to continue to offer our consumer full value-for-money, the Usha Martin brand now offers the ultimate single core and multi-core flexible cable-'DARSHAN PLUS'.



Spring wire

Usha Martin manufactures wires which cater to the extremely demanding spring industry. Our spring steel wires are heat treated to meet customer’s requirements and the wires are accepted globally as a preferred choice for springs.


Wires from Usha Martin are used in galvanised steel earthwire strand/ groundwire strand/ core strand for Aluminum conductors, ACSR Strand earthwire for overhead transmission lines, and core strands for Aluminum conductors.

PC Wire

Usha Martin’s High Tensile Steel Wires for pre-stressed concrete (Plain, Indented, Ribbed) find application in concrete poles, Railway sleepers, Hume pipes, Bridges, etc.

Welding wire(CO2)

Usha Martin produces and supplies copper-coated MIG (CO2) Welding wires from sophisticated in-line drawing and copper coating machines, to delight its users with a smooth flowing wire, a stable arc, and low spatter wire for welding.

CHQ Wire

Usha Martin manufactures Cold Heading Quality wire with both fine grain and coarse grain steel depending on customers’ requirement through Silicon Killed / Aluminium Killed steel. With the help of Vacuum Degassing facility, the levels of Hydrogen, Oxygen, and Nitrogen are controlled in order to fulfil the requirement for critical applications.

Auto spoke Wire

Usha Martin is a preferred supplier of autospoke wires to the Automobile industry. The autospoke wires manufactured by the company are known for their quality and long life.

Brush Wire

Usha Martin manufactures wide range of Brush wires catering to the quality requirement of diversified applications such as Industrial Brushes, Power Brushes, Strip Mill Brushes, Tube Brushes, Scratch Brushes, Polymer coated stem wire for bottle brushes, Staple wire for domestic brushes & brooms, etc.

Needle Wire

Usha martin’s wires are the preferred choice in the needle industry all across the globe. Our needle wires are manufactured from High Carbon Steel and are used to manufacture Hosiery Needles, Sewing Needles, Knitting needles, Hooks, Fishing Hooks, Surgical Needles, etc.

Wire for Fasteners

Usha Martin is one of the largest suppliers of wires to the fastener industry. Our product offerings include Cold Heading Quality Grade wires for

Cycle Wire

India is one of the largest production centres in the world for cycles. Usha Martin’s wires are extensively used in the Indian cycle industry for different components . The wires manufactured by Usha Martin include Cycle Spoke wires, Chain Rivet wires, Chain Bush wires, Mudguard wires, and Pedal Bar wires.

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