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Shielded Cables In Ahmedabad

Shielded cables are electrical cables that contain insulating conductors encased in a standard conductive layer. The shield can be made from strands of braided copper (or a similar metal), a spiral copper tape, or some other conducting polymer. The importance of shielded cables cannot be stressed enough.

Shielded cables are usually thicker and more rigid than unshielded cables. They also require greater care when working with them. Shielded cables are most often found in industrial settings and installations where other nearby equipment is likely to generate electromagnetic interference (EMI).

What Is Shielded Cable Used For?

Shielded cables are used to protect the data being transferred through the cable from degradation by EMI exposure, which is common in data centers, industrial settings, offices, and other settings where computer technology, electrical equipment, or electronic equipment is in heavy use.

In all cases, shielded cables must be properly grounded to ensure the safety of workers and equipment.

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