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PVC Grip In Ahmedabad

Pvc Grips Our Company offer a wide range of PVC Grips and components including protection caps long caps grab tap caps sleeves E-Z tab caps dip coatings square caps bellows square end caps and many more technique are essential for economical production of flexible semi rigid PVC components Our Company ensure the best grip technology for PVC grips These dip moulded handle grips are generally used at general engineering electrical and automotive industries

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Set in the heart of commercial city of Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India, Falguni Trading is inspired by the spirit of its organization and is strengthened by the philosophy of Product excellence, Customer Satisfaction and Technological Advancement. For over 30 years we have catered to India’s & Overseas Energy & Power sector.

Falguni Trading is continuously expanding its footprints in all sectors like - Contractor, Government Projects, Private Projects, Pharmaceuticals, Oil and Gas Refinery, Ceramic Industries, Plastic Industries, Chemical Industries, Textile Industries, Real Estate, Solar Projects etc.

Falguni Trading has a presence across India & many overseas countries, Our brand enjoys a high recall value due to its trust inspiring quality. Our Success is based on clear focus on Product, Process, Quality, Performance and Excellence.

We are offering a wide range of MCCB Distributors, and Wire and Cables Dealers In Ahmedabad.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • A PVC grip is a type of electrical accessory used to provide a secure grip on cables and wires. It is designed to protect the cables from damage and provide strain relief, ensuring that they stay firmly in place. PVC grips are commonly used in a range of electrical applications, including lighting fixtures, appliances, and machinery.

  • PVC grips are lightweight, durable, and easy to install, making them a popular choice for many electrical applications. They are resistant to corrosion, moisture, and chemicals, ensuring that they can withstand harsh environments. PVC grips also help to reduce cable damage by providing strain relief, and they can be easily removed and replaced if needed.

  • There are several different types of PVC grips available, each designed for a specific purpose. Some of the most common types include strain relief grips, cord grips, wire mesh grips, and liquid-tight grips. Strain relief grips are designed to prevent damage to cables by providing strain relief at the point where they enter a device or enclosure. Cord grips are used to secure cords and cables in place, while wire mesh grips provide a secure grip on larger cables. Liquid-tight grips are designed to provide a seal around cables and wires, preventing the ingress of moisture and other contaminants.

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