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Multicore Wires In Ahmedabad

Our multicore flexible is widely used in connection as control cables and flexible power cables in various industries and equipments.

Conductor Formation : Class 2, Class 5 & Class 6 as per IS:8130

Tensil Strength : 12.50n/Sqmm

Nominal Voltage : Uo/U 660/1100V

Test Voltage : 3000V between cores

Insulation Resistance : 36.7 M – Ohms/km @ 27o C

Protective Conductor : Yellow with Green line as earthing conductor

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Falguni Trading is continuously expanding its footprints in all sectors like - Contractor, Government Projects, Private Projects, Pharmaceuticals, Oil and Gas Refinery, Ceramic Industries, Plastic Industries, Chemical Industries, Textile Industries, Real Estate, Solar Projects etc.

Falguni Trading has a presence across India & many overseas countries, Our brand enjoys a high recall value due to its trust inspiring quality. Our Success is based on clear focus on Product, Process, Quality, Performance and Excellence.

We are offering a wide range of MCCB Distributors, and Wire and Cables Dealers In Ahmedabad.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Multicore wires are electrical wires that have multiple cores or conductors within a single cable. They are often used in applications that require high flexibility and movement, such as robotics, automation, and industrial machinery.

  • Multicore wires have multiple conductors within a single cable, while single core wires have only one conductor. Multicore wires are often used in applications that require flexibility and movement, while single core wires are typically used in fixed installations.

  • Multicore wires offer several advantages over single core wires, including higher flexibility, easier installation, and reduced cable size and weight. They also allow for the transmission of multiple signals or power sources within a single cable, which can simplify wiring and reduce costs.

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