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HT Cables In Ahmedabad

All our production machineries are top of the line from the best machine builders. These are chosen carefully to meet the latest technology requirement and are built for optimum performance with all online controls from established global suppliers. From Wire Drawing Lines to Extrusion Lines, from assembly machines to laboratories and the final test fields, all technical equipments are armed for data communication and data exchanges bottom up and top down using the most modern decentralized control software at the lines (PLC) combined with an efficient central steering and a planning system focused on the demand of cable manufacturers.

  • CCV line enabling us to have extrusion free of voids, contamination, and manufacturing defects also its long continuous produc- tion schedules deliver uniform production
  • Dual take up Rod Break Down machine
  • 28/32 line wire drawing machine, first of its kind in India
  • High speed Drum Twister machine for faster laying up
  • Synchronized Stranding machine, a first of its kind in India
  • High speed extrusion machines with high accuracy

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