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Fuses have very high limiting capability, clearing faults rapidly at different voltage and short circuit levels. There is no emission of gases after a short circuit occurs.

Fuses can be replaced easily, quickly and provide selective coordination. When a fault occurs only the affected part of the network is isolated, while the rest of the network is functional. We offer products with an integrated fuse monitoring function and separate fuse monitoring devices.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • A fuse is an electrical component that is designed to protect electrical circuits from overloading or short circuits by breaking the circuit when the current exceeds a safe level. It contains a thin wire or metal element that melts when the current becomes too high, thereby breaking the circuit.

  • You can check a fuse by looking at it. If the metal filament inside the fuse is broken or melted, then the fuse is blown. Additionally, some fuses have a built-in indicator that turns red when the fuse is blown.

  • No, you should never replace a fuse with a higher amperage fuse. Fuses are designed to protect the circuit from overloading or short circuits, and replacing a fuse with a higher amperage fuse can cause the circuit to overload and potentially start a fire. Always replace a blown fuse with a fuse of the same amperage rating.

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