Copper Un Armoured Cables

  • Copper Un Armoured Cables

Copper Un Armoured Cables In Ahmedabad

PVC Power Cables are used for underground as well as over head transmission of power in powerPlant and all other electrical installations

Conductor : copper /aluminium

Insulation : The conductors are insulated with a layer of extruded PVC/XLPE compound.

Sheathing : PVC extruded Inner Sheath and Outer Sheet

Color : black /as per required

Size : 1.0 to 630 SQ.MM

Voltage : Up to 1100 volts

Temperature Range : 90 continuous normal operation, 130 for emergency overload condition 250 for short circuit condition

Specification : IS:1554(Part-1) & IS:7098(Part-1)

Packing : In 500/1000 Mtr. length on wooden drums

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